Essential Oils: Nature’s Medicine


Have you ever been curious about integrating essential oils into your everyday life?
Essential oils are a gift from Mother Earth that carry the essence of a plant in a highly concentrated form.

Just think that it requires about 242.000 rose petals to distill approximately 5 mL of the precious rose oil. Or that we need 50 lemons for a common 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil.

Essential oils provide eco-friendly, safe and above all effective alternatives to synthetic drugs.

My Journey


As a yoga teacher I’ve always been incorporating essential oils in my classes to enhance the quieting effect on the mind of some asana. With time I grew interest in using them not only for ballancing emotions but also for their healing properties.

Something clicked in me when I inhaled some ginger essential oil for motion sickeness and it literally dissolved! From there on I started studying and experimenting having the honor to be mentored by Elena Brower.

How do I use those tiny elixirs:

  • To replace toxic and environmentally hazardous household cleaning and personal care products

  • To support my immune system, respiratory function, cellular health, digestive system, energy & vitality, nervous system, hormones and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!

  • To recalibrate mine & my students’ emotions

Not all essential oils are created equally!
In the course of the years I’ve been experimenting with different brands and finally I found out that dōTERRA oils are absolutely my favourite! They are Therapeutic Grade, ethically sourced and steam distilled or expressed. This means that they are not only organic and 100% pure but that they are fair-trade and sourced in a way to respect and protect the territory. Check this video and this!


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